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We would like to remind you that you can choose SMDH Radiology for all of your radiology procedures/exams. You just need to let your provider know your wishes.

The Medical Imaging department provides diagnostic testing along with the following services:

*CT 128 slice scanner with 3D workstation
CT-Computer Tomography uses a thin X-ray beam rotating around the area of the body chosen to be examined. This generates a 3-D image of the internal structures of the body to give information about how internal body organs are functioning. Occasionally, a contrast substance is injected intravenously to enhance the visibility of organs and vascular structure. SMDH imaging services is part of the Level 4 Stroke team.

*Dexa (bone density)
Dexa-Bone Density, Densitometry -allows for earlier detection of bone loss often associated with Osteoporosis.

Echocardiogram- Is a type of ultrasound test using high -pitched sound waves that capture the movement of the heart in real-time. This exam looks at blood flow through the chambers, valves and vessels.

*Modified Barium Swallow - via Telehealth
Modified Barium Swallow-MBS is a radiologic examination of swallowing function along with a speech therapist. This study is an objective evaluation of the oropharyngeal swallow mechanism.

MRI- Magnet Resonance Imaging is a diagnostic imaging tool which uses a large electromagnet, radio frequency pulses to form in-depth images of different parts of the body. Occasionally, a contrast substance is injected intravenously to enhance the visibility of organs and vascular structures. The MRI machine at SMDH imaging services is a closed MRI unit with a 1.5 Tesla magnet.

*Nuclear Medicine with Spect
Nuclear Medicine-Uses a dual-head camera along with a small amount of radioactive material either by intravenous injection or by swallowing. As the radioactive material travels through the body, images are taken allowing for function of organs.

Ultrasound/Vascular-Is safe and painless, and produces pictures of the inside of the body using sound waves. It is used to help diagnose the causes of pain, swelling and infection of the body's internal organs.

X-Ray- Is an image produced using low dose radiation. This type of imaging is most commonly used to assess patient's bones as well as some internal organs including the lungs, heart and bowel.

Discounted prices offered on several tests and procedures three times each year.

Please call 573-729-5917, ext. 4230 for more information.

We have a certified electronic health record to help improve patient care and documentation.