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Nutrition Services

The purpose of the SMDH dietary department is to provide the highest quality foods from standardized recipes that meet the nutritional needs of each patient and resident. We strive to make our meals "Just Like at Home" to allow our patrons of the hospital feel comfortable with their stay. Each menu gives a variety of nourishing foods to choose from in a 15-day cycle, which allows patients and residents to get away from the monotony of having the same foods day after day.

Our staff is highly trained with their #1 priority being patient and resident well-being and nutritional health offering:
- Selective menus with quality food meeting nutritional needs of our patients and residents.
- Full functional and renovated cafeteria serving 3 meals daily for patient families, visitors and staff.
- Nutrition Education, pending physician order, provided by a Registered/Licensed Dietitian. Some examples include:
o General Nutrition:
- Vegetarian
- Pregnancy and Lactation
- Infant, Toddler and Adolescent
o Diabetic education
o Hypoglycemia
o Renal disease
o Weight loss
o Gastrointestinal disorders
o Cardiac
o Cholesterol/Triglycerides
o Hypertension