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Pharmacist holding medicine box and capsule pack in pharmacy drugstore.
Pharmacist holding medicine box and capsule pack in pharmacy drugstore.


No matter if you are visiting our Emergency Department, staying overnight in Acute Care, or undergoing a procedure in our Surgical Department, the Pharmacy at SMDH supplies any and all medications that you may need. Our pharmacists look at every drug ordered to make sure you get the best medication for your condition, at the right dose and at the right time. In addition to our full-time Pharmacy Director, we have pharmacists remotely monitoring at all hours of the day and weekends, ensuring you always get the best care possible. Every patient, every encounter, every time.

Here are a few of our pharmacy department's important jobs:

Providing medications to inpatients, emergency room patients, surgical patients, outpatient procedures, dialysis patients, and the Family Medicine clinic patients.
Preventing the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) through the antimicrobial stewardship program.
Monitoring levels of medications in your blood and adjusting doses of those medications, to help prevent side effects and ensure an effective dose.
Providing medication education to patients, nurses, and physicians.
Reviewing for drug interactions, allergies, and risk of side effects.
Working closely with physicians and nurses to pick the right treatment for your condition.

Please call 573-729-5917, ext. 4250 for more information.